AI/VR All-in-one display device

                                VR/AR All-in-one Interactive Device is designed by an unique interactive materials and combination between hardware and software, to create 3D effectiveness and virtual teaching environments where our reliance on powerful core technology and own talent team aims to make students independent study.

                                KEY Feature

                                Exquisite and comfortable

                                Exquisite and portable, comfortable and suitable for all types of heads; and benefit for enhancement of learning experience.

                                Eyes protection

                                By optical scheme of virtual image projection in a distant place, it pursues an effective approach to eliminate eyestrain and protect eyesight.

                                Immersion Program

                                It will gather the integration of system, platform and contents, deepen perceptual performance from vision, hearing and touch, as well as focus on students' s experiencing sense in the virtual places where they can.

                                Powerful reality feeling

                                We will concentrate on building in a virtual teaching environment as more accurate as possible for a more interest, vigorous, and safer classroom, based on the strong real-time ability for processing images.

                                Vast high-quality contents

                                It can save a lot of educational materials including math, Chinese, English, history and so on. Besides, it contains diversity of teaching contents presenting by pictures, video and cartoon. Students can choose many learning materials suitable for themselves in accordance with their abilities.

                                Bundle Software

                                Quality Course

                                Smart Answering Suite

                                Study System